I’m laying on the summer grass by the pool, and I feel like my head is about to explode.

I have so much going on, and so many ideas swirling around; I just cannot get clarity and don’t even know where to start.

This happened to me this week, can you relate?

Thank goodness I had the sense to prep tons of journal pages, pack my pens and some water, and get away from the computer, and to the pool!

Two things are for sure:

1)When you are confused about what to do in your business, you’ve got to stop and get clarity. Confusion is like a big red stop sign.

2) There’s always a way out of  business confusion, and into business clarity

For me, I have to step away from my office, and journal.

I always know when it’s time to use a Business Download to get clarity in my biz!

Here’s how my process works:

  1. I have tons of ideas and no clear plan (this is like a bunch of elementary school kids running around wildly in a classroom with no loving teacher to guide them. Hello.)
  2. I prep lots of journal pages and get out of the office: to the pool, a park, a coffee shop, or coworking space (preferably somewhere in nature, as that is where my spiritual connection comes from)
  3. Download time. I write down everything I am thinking about. All of my ideas flow out, with no rules. I am not allowed to edit anything. Editing stops the flow. I write and write until everything is out.
  4. Inevitably, categories show themselves to me. It’s usually the top 2 things I am working on in my biz, plus an upcoming inspirational project.
  5. I designate several pages in my journal for each project, and begin organizing the download into the appropriate categories in a way that makes sense to me emotionally and visually.

Another way to approach this is to go ahead and set up the categories in your journal before you begin your download writing time. If you already know your categories, this totally works.

However, I do suggest also leaving at least 2 pages to record the random ideas that will pop up that do not fit into any yet defined category. This gives you permission to allow all ideas to come out.

The main thing to remember is that you are a creative visionary, and that is why you are having a flood of ideas. This is a good thing. It can also be overwhelming, and can hinder your progress.

It’s similar to the analogy of creating a map for how you want to earn money (I call this setting Money intentions with a Money Map).

Your Money Soulmate, like mine, may like freedom, but also structure.

When I make a Money Map, it is a way to set my Money intentions for the month, with a map of how Money can reach me. That way Money can see a clear pathway of how to get to me.

Think about this: if you wanted to drive to another state, would you want a map of how to get there? For me, having a business map (or Money Map) allows my mind to feel free for other things, because then I am not worried about how to get somewhere.

Your business needs the same things: both creative freedom and a structured pathway.

Don’t let all of your creative genius go to waste by rolling around in your head over and over. Get your ideas down on paper and keep rolling!

Happy end-of-the-summer, and be sure to get out to the pool with your journal soon. Everyone needs “me time” and you’re worth it.