What Did You Learn About Money This Year?


All relationships evolve, over time. There are different seasons, and different learnings each year.

As 2016 inches towards its last days, reflect back, and notice: in your ever-growing relationship with money, what was your learning this year?

This year, I learned several things about my relationship with my beloved money:

  • money is very loyal to me
  • money likes to be noticed and appreciated by me
  • money can work fun magic for the two of us, when I let go
  • money likes to have fun
  • money likes adventure
  • when I dream with money, prosperity flows in
  • when I constrict, money feels like I am a drag and takes a break from me

This year, more than ever, I committed to my Money Spiritual Practice.

*I kept up with my numbers on a daily basis.

*I connected through my heart, power, and deep inner knowing to money.

*I dreamed big, on a regular basis.

*I wrote down my dreams.

*I shared my dreams with others.

The results were phenomenal.

Just like any

  • friendship
  • marriage
  • partnership
  • business relationship
  • parent/child relationship

relationships need loving care!

If you make the decision today, to grow exponentially in your 2017 relationship with money, you will be standing on completely different ground, this time next year.

Why not start today?

Begin asking yourself the questions:

  1. How do I want to feel about money today?
  2. How will I treat money today?
  3. How will I accept money’s love for me?
  4. When do I feel good about money (and how can I repeat or expand those experiences)?
  5. When do I allow fear about money to creep in (and how can I stop creating those experiences)?
  6. What do money and I want to create together?
  7. What EXPERIENCE do we want to create?

Money loves you and wants a yummy, healthy relationship with you.

Are you willing to improve your relationship with Money in 2017?

Take some time, during the holidays, to sit by a pond, or cuddle up alone by a fire, and write it out….

****What did I learn about money this year?

****What do I want my relationship with money to look and feel like in 2017?

If you’re willing to commit to the money work, your relationship with money will improve exponentially in 2017!!!

Much love,



What Did You Learn About Money This Year?