Our business retreats  are a time for you to connect deeply:

  • spiritually
  • with yourself
  • with other like-minded business owners

Creativity is a tool that we use in our retreats because it is  a connector. It helps you connect spiritually to your Business Mission & new, big ideas. As your creative journal pages expand, so does your mind. You see what is possible.

Join us for our upcoming business retreat on June 27:

Building Inner & Outer Wealth

with Heidi

A Business Workshop that will Strengthen Your Confidence & Upgrade Your Bottom Line

Have you ever noticed that when you feel good on the inside, people are naturally drawn to you?

The same is true in business: when you know what you want and feel confident about getting it, opportunities fall into your lap. People show up, ready to assist you. Money keeps landing in your Paypal account.

You are a natural born leader, with rare, unique gifts. Everyone who knows you, sees this.

But do you fully understand the depth of your talents?

Whether you are just starting out, or are already successful in your business, you KNOW it’s time to take your Vision to the next level.

Limited spots available, sign up now!


Join us:


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