I don’t know about you, but when I start my week on a Tuesday (because Monday was a holiday) I begin the week feeling like I need to catch up.

As a woman business owner, you have probably learned how to become more intentional with your time management. Every moment really does count.

There are so many things that can distract you:

  • less hours in the work week due to a holiday
  • full inbox
  • 10 voicemails waiting for your reply
  • friends who need you
  • kids who need you
  • significant others who need you
  • pets who need you
  • deals that need to be closed
  • clients that need help

The list goes on and on.

However, as the Founder & CEO of your business, you must always know when to take time off, and when to get your head in the game and make stuff happen. If your business is a ship, you are the captain. You cannot afford to be distracted by things that are not at the top of your priority list.

In addition, if you really want to grow your business this fall, most of your focus should be on:

  • current clients
  • creating new clients
  • developing new products/services
  • marketing

These are the focus points which will accelerate your business growth the most.

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed today, I want to remind you of a very simple trick that you can do on a daily basis.

All you need to do, is figure out your focus.

You are already powerful and smart enough to accomplish anything you set your mind to. But if your brain is scrambled with overwhelm, you won’t be able to set your mind to anything.

First, take a moment and listen to your Inner CEO and drop in the question: What is my #1 Business Priority today?



Next, write down your #1 priority for the day, as well as your #2 priority.

I write them on sticky notes and post them on my whiteboard for the day.



I hope this tip helps you, and remember: you can’t be everything to everyone and Your Business Is Important.

Be sure to comment on the Facebook thread about what you will do this week to keep your focus.


Heidi Carter