The end of a year holds a very special place in my heart. For me, it is a time to:



Harvest the Learning.


The last two weeks of December are spent getting ready for the holidays, but also getting ready for the new year.

When you spend time thinking about what happened in your life and business this year, what did you learn?

January is on its way. Like a fresh, snow-white slate, it will offer you a new beginning.

The next two weeks are a great time to not only think about what you learned this year, but also to begin dreaming about what you desire for next year.

As long as you put energy into your business every year, your income and flow will continue to grow.

What would make 2017 feel more successful to you? Success is defined by you.

Do you desire more:

  • excitement?
  • ease?
  • expansion?
  • relaxation?
  • support?
  • income?
  • partnerships?
  • travel?

What does your increased success look like?

The trick is to get clarity about what you want. Remember:

If you aim at nothing you will hit it every time.

-Zig Ziglar

I invite you to allow your 2017 Life & Biz Dreams to run crazy….you are powerful and smart enough to create whatever you want.

What do you want, woman?

Get out your journal and write in big letters:

My 2017 Biz Dreams

Begin brainstorming and don’t let ANYTHING stop you from writing down exactly what you want.

We will get to the HOW next year. But for now, just start dreaming.


And drop me a line… I want to hear about your dreams. They are sacred. They are important. You deserve only the best.


Heidi Carter