When I used to hear the word “budget” my whole body would cringe. 

It’s no wonder: the word is totally lacking excitement and succulence.

However, the word itself wasn’t the only thing holding me back from keeping up with my numbers.

The honest truth was that I DID NOT THINK I WAS CAPABLE of doing this task.

I was scared to death that I wouldn’t even know how to find all the needed numbers.

I definitely didn’t trust in my ability to keep up with the numbers on a regular basis. 

I felt so inadequate.

Even when I heard the softer term “spending plan” I still cringed.

The truth is that back then–over 6 years ago–I FEARED MONEY because Money felt like a mystery. 

I would get a big payment from a client, and not know where to put it.
I would get a big bill, and not know which account to pay from. 

The lack of clarity kept me up at night, and became a big ball of stress in my tummy.

I knew I was ignoring it, but I didn’t know what to do.

I felt resentful towards Money for creating this stress.

The truth is that it wasn’t Money’s fault. Just like God, or Universe, Money always loves us, and always wants to provide for us. 

It was ME. I was the one with a chip on my shoulder. I was the one who was ignoring Money.

​The pain of not having clarity finally began to hurt worse than doing the work.

I was tired of

  • never knowing which bills needed to be paid
  • feeling shame, as a wife, and mother, that I didn’t actually have my shit together
  • paying bills late and getting charged fees
  • not being able to embrace the Money and biz progress I was making, for fear that I would jinx it, and Money would leave

Does any of this sound familiar?

When I became committed to changing, what I discovered is that Money does love me and always has; I just had to learn how to show up as a good, loving partner to Money.

Part of being a good partner means being present for Money. Noticing Money. And one way to show complete respect is by creating a spending plan and giving it attention on a regular basis.

Money loves this attention. Just like our life partners and friends like to be smiled at and acknowledged, Money likes to be acknowledged as well. 

If you’ve been experiencing anger towards Money, or even ignoring Money, it’s time to get connected to Money in a sacred way.

When you see Money as a person that loves you,  you will be more than happy to give him or her attention via a spending plan.

And, in return, Money will bask in this love, and show up for you even more powerfully.

Money loves you. Will you love Money back?

To Your Success,