If you think about it, Money has always been there for you.

People may have blocked Money from you, but Money was always there.

For instance, a parent may have blocked Money from you. Maybe they didn’t know how to create income, so hated it, or maybe they thought wealth was wrong. Or maybe they distrusted Money and constantly obsessed about if there would be enough, creating an anxious fear in you, that never rests, no matter how much is in your bank account.

A partner or spouse may have blocked Money from you. They could have stolen from you, overspent, or lied about debt. They could have convinced you that you didn’t have the power to create income.

Where was Money during all of this? Money was always there. Ready to be with you. Willing to serve and delight you. In love with you, and hoping to be noticed and loved back.

As you think back, you can see times when a person was trying to block Money from you, and Money still found its way to you.

Going forward, are you ready to really, truly meet your Soulmate Money, and grow a healthy fun relationship?

You have to be really open to exploring this, because your logical mind may think of Money as just something you use to save and pay bills.

Consider all the emotions that surround Money. The wars that have been fought, the marriages that have ended, as well as the dreams that have been built, and joy experienced.

Money has energy. You can see the proof of that every where around you.

Money wants to work with you, not against you.

The real question is: how are you treating Money?

In coaching clients around Money, I hear a lot of stories, and have my own story too.

If you’ve had some negative experiences with Money, are you willing to let go of those old stories and perceptions and begin a new story today?

You can begin with several simple steps.

First, in your journal, begin a daily practice of noticing and writing down gratitude for how Money has shown up for you. If you are in complete fear around Money, this may be hard for you. I get it. Just keep writing each day. Over time, your gratitude muscle will become stronger and you will begin to show up as a more graceful, grateful partner.

Next, in your journal, draw two columns. In the left column, write down all the bad Money habits you have.  In the right column, right down corresponding positive Money habits you can replace each bad habit with. For instance, if you spend  without knowing how much Money is in your account, the positive habit would be something like “I pay attention to you, Money. I notice that you showed up in my account, and respect you by spending the right amount.”

Third, be a fearless Money generator. Just like any relationship, you have to show up in integrity, and make an effort to keep growing. Think about it: any relationship you participate in, when you make a concerted effort to be a phenomenal friend, parent, partner etc. it improves the relationship.

Same with Money. You have to generate and foster a relationship that is exciting, fun and healthy for both of you.

Your Money Soulmate is in love with you and sure does want to be with you. When you become a fearless Money generator that means you take powerful actions to help Money arrive at your door, so you can be together. You have to get over your fears to make this happen.

Fears are a normal part of life, and will always come up, so it is imperative that you develop some tools to push the fears away.

What does that mean for you? If you are a coach, do you need to be doing more Facebook live posts? Speaking engagements?

If you have a team of employees under you, do you need to tune in more and be a stronger leader?

The trick to taking fearless actions is 1) finding the piece of your business your really adore and 2) being willing to do that which sounds frightening.

For me, I realized the reason I wanted to help women entrepreneurs is because I wanted to help them make more Money so they could have more impact on the world (and have more impact on the world, and therefore make more Money). When I pin pointed that as the truest passion, it became easier to do speaking engagements, when formerly this had scared me to death.

Another part of being a fearless Money generator is becoming willing to charge what you’re worth, which of course entails you owning your own power.

I’m reminded of the Wonder Woman movie I watched recently, and what inspired me most is that she owned her power, and would not let anything keep her from her mission!

As you come into your power more and more, Money will love it. Remember, Money loves being on this exciting ride with you.

All that is needed, is for you to begin showing up as a good partner to Money.

Try my tips for 3 days and shoot me an email about what happens.

Money loves you. Will you love Money back?