Hello Beautiful Soul.

I Have a Truth Bomb for You Today……..

Your Clients Will Appreciate You Charging More.

You may be thinking… 
Ummm, why would anyone want to pay more?

It’s not like your ideal clients are sitting there thinking: “I’d really like to work with her and I hope she raises her prices.”

However, when you are enrolling new clients and you share how much the investment is, and it is Healthy Price, they are going to know two things:
1) you are serious about changing their pain, Forever.
2) you offer a level of excellence that will give them way more value than some of the lower priced offerings they’ve seen (and maybe even wasted Money on)

You may be facing fears about charging more, so I am going to address the two most common fears I see in my Money Breakthrough coaching work.

FEAR #1: I’m Not Worth That High End Price (i.e.there’s no way anyone would pay)

Your fear wants you to believe you’re just “good” at what you do, but the truth is that you’re EXCELLENT at what you do. Sit for a moment and think about the life changing work that you do. 

Whether you are a divorce coach, or a realtor….you deliver excellent results.

And when you fully stand in your value and say:

“Yes, I’m going to resolve this problem for you forever.”

….they are going to feel relieved that they finally found the real solution. 

The truth is that people value what they pay for. 

When you find the courage to double or triple your prices, your clients can literally smell the high value they are going to get from you.

And they will pay you.

Because the bottom line is that their pain is killing them. 

​​They are tired of dragging their pain around.

They want the Real Solution.

​​So when they see you charging a lot, this is a cue to their brain: 
She is​ someone who will TRULY resolve my problem forever.

FEAR #2: It’s Wrong to Charge that Much

When you think of Money as finite, of course it feels wrong and greedy to charge a lot, because your mind is telling you that if you charge a lot, then others will experience lack (and therefore suffer).

What if you were to shift this perspective….

What if you could see that Money was infinite, and that it was good energy?

Would it be wrong to ask for a lot of this juicy, loving, spiritual energy?

So it’s time for you to charge more.

The problem is that your fears are more than likely deeply embedded into your subconscious.

You may not even know they exist.

But you do know that….

  • you’re tired of not having enough Money for savings and adventures after you’ve paid your bills
  • you want to keep your passionate business going so you don’t have to be a prisoner to your old corporate job
  • you’re tired of working long hours and missing out on life
  • you can earn more (you know this because you’ve seen others do it)

I want you to know that you are seen. 

You are loved. 

You are one bad ass woman.​​

And you are worthy of receiving more abundance.

It’s time for you to unlock your desires and let go of your old programming around Money.

If this feels hard (or even impossible) to do, don’t hesitate to reach out.

There’s another way, and I want you to find this path now.

Much love!

To Your Wild Success,

You're gonna feel so much better after you raise your prices