When I was on vacation at the beach with my husband last week, I enjoyed the sensual pleasure of walking barefooted on the sand.

Sand is so magical…when you walk on it, it wraps around your toes and when water is added, it can be used to build sandcastles.

Interestingly, SEVERAL of my clients have given the analogy that Money runs through their fingers like sand.

As a successful entrepreneur, you know what it feels like to have Money flowing.

Money flows into your life, but
 do you allow Money to stay?

If Money naturally flows into your life, but then is mysteriously “gone”, chances are, you have been overspending. 

I lived in this feast or famine cycle for years. I’d make a big chunk of  Money, overspend, then wonder where all the Money went.

Overspending comes from a faulty Money relationship, which is based on fear. 

You see,  if things happened to you in your lifetime to make you distrust Money, you may be using overspending as a way to “break up” with Money, before Money can hurt you again.

If you don’t trust Money, you may feel compelled to spend it when it shows up, for fear that it may never show up again.

Your Money Is Disappearing Like Sand in Your Fingers Because You Don’t Trust Money!

If you are looking at your bank account and wishing you had more saved, I have a question for you:  what emotional need is your overspending giving you?

Read this to yourself and check off all that apply….

I’ve been overspending to:

  • Feel more prosperous
  • Feel more in “control”
  • Get what I need, since Money probably won’t be back for awhile
  • Break up with Money, before Money can break up with me

The good news is that there is another way.

You can learn to connect to the spiritual energy of Money and feel like Money is a Soulmate friend.

You can unhook your old thinking and simply let go of it!

When you learn to trust Money, you will begin to understand that Money will never leave you.

With this relationship healed, you can make more, save more and invest more.

Imagine….waking up in the morning and looking at your bank account and feeling well cared for, and excited about the abundant day you are going to have.

Abundance is your Birthright. 

You Were Born to Experience Prosperity & Joy.

If you’d like some tips on how you can improve your relationship with Money, email me at heidi@heidicartercoaching.com.